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Welcome To Canbex Group

Canbex Group is the industrial division of the Bast Crops Institution, located in Hlukhiv, Ukraine. We are growing CBD and CBG with low THC levels at a very large scale.

Our main advantages:

  • The first Ukrainian group with an unlimited cultivation, transportation, storage, processing, sales, import and export license.
  • One of the most experienced teams on the market.
  • Unique CBG and CBD species with very low THC levels.
  • A new growing technique which is fully optimized for the local climate. It is eco-friendly as well as extremely cheap, without compromising the quality.
  • Growing outdoor as well as indoor.
  • Big fields which are allowing us to grow in massive scales and decrease our costs.
  • The highest possible quality:
    • EU-GAP certified.
    • EU-GMP certified.
    • Clean fields without chemicals.

About Us

Canbex Group have collected passionate cannabis veterans from all over the world who have joined forces with the Bast Crops Institution (http://ibc-naas.com) to form one of the shiniest teams in this field.

Our team has more than 90 years of experience combined in growing and manufacturing technical cannabis products as well as CBD and CBG with very low THC levels.

Contact Us

Address: 45 Tereshchenko St., Hlukhiv, Sumy region, 41400, Ukraine
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